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What Is A Custom Web Application?

First, let’s talk about what a web application isn’t. For starters, web apps aren’t the same as mobile apps, and they’re also different from other website features like blogs, events, and news stories. Custom web apps are complex, not available “out of the box,” and are designed to capture, process, and store data. Shopping carts and login forms are two examples of web applications, and these two features are just the beginning in terms of possibilities.
For example, a tour company that sells tickets to a popular tourist attraction can develop a custom web application to sell the tickets directly through their website. The ticket inventory data would be attached to the app, and customers can easily make payments and receive their tickets without leaving the website.

Our Approach

When we develop custom web applications, there’s no “one size fits all” approach. There are two things that all of our custom web apps have in common, though: they’re incredibly user-friendly and can be customized to fit your exact needs.
Your unique application will be build to be easy to use, allowing for a stress-free experience for you and any other members of your team. Plus, the possibilities are essentially endless, no matter how complex your needs are. Oftentimes, there are applications that sound incredibly complex, but all you need to make them a reality is an experienced team of development experts.

Web frameworks at a glance

Development Trends

For rapid web development, web frameworks provide the basic structure. They are reliable when it comes to custom web app development.

They also automate the development tasks and simplify the web application maintenance. As a result, businesses get reduced web development costs with high-quality web applications.

Phalcon PHP
Custom Web Apps Services @ Interactive Design
Custome Web Apps Services @ Interactive Design

Our Process

From Planning & Specification to QA

We’ll kick off the development process by listening to and learning about your vision for your custom application. Together, we’ll talk about what you need. After listening and researching our development team will create a specification document that describes the parameters of the project.
We then will develop the overall project plan, which is formed from the specification document. We want your web app to function just as you envisioned, so you’ll get to review and approve everything before we start. Final costs are also calculated at this point, and thanks to the thorough planning phase, there won’t be any surprises at the end!
Now, it’s time for our team to work their magic. Sit back and relax while we take care of the coding.
Our team will then test the web app on a variety of devices, browsers, and in different situations so that you can be confident that your custom app will perform it’s job flawlessly.

Why a custom application?

Know the Ups and Downs

Just because you can have a custom web application developed does not always mean that you should.

Custom web applications have their strengths, but also come with certain weaknesses. Make sure that a custom app is what you really need to avoid headaches down the road.

The good...

These are the most common reasons to go for a custom app.

The bad...

… And these are the most common reasons to avoid one.

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