How Your eCommerce Business Can Emerge During & After COVID 19

How Your eCommerce Business Can Emerge During & After COVID 19

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We are already into the tenth month of 2020 and still, the globalized world is under partial or complete lock down due to the dominating topic , the COVID-19 pandemic. Merchants are forced to shut their doors to combat the circumstances which they were never prepared for!

With the uncertainty of the global economy, businesses are expected to have noticeable consequences. Thus, raising multiple questions on how one can keep up with the situation & shield from the worst that may happen.

We certainly don’t have answers to all the questions but we are doing all to help our customers. In this article lets discuss some measures that you can take to keep the sales rolling in the current situation as well as for the coming future.

How to keep the sales rolling into your business & prepare for future

Gifts & Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to ensure future orders & customers. Gift cards can help you stay afloat in this critical time. So, if you are a store owner, here is the up side of things:

You can entice your customers to make the purchase by adding free gifts to their carts. In case you have stocked up a lot of inventory before the COVID 19 impact & that’s under expiration then add them as free gifts into your customer’s carts.

Free gifts above a certain cart amount threshold will also help you keep up the average order value.

E-Wallets for Contactless Payments

The world is following social distancing to help combat the virus transmission. The cash came out to be a potential medium through which the virus propagates. Thus, the government is encouraging digital payments.

Once accepted, it’s surely gonna stay up for a long time. So, it’s time to implement an eWallet facility in your online store. If you are allowing them to purchase online, let them pay online too.

This puts you in a win-win situation depending on the need of the time.

Build a Pre-order Strategy

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak, everyone is facing the consequences & are ready to cooperate & understand the challenges vendors are facing.

Thus, you can reach out to your customers to order the products in advance either by partially paying for the order or paying the whole amount. For this, you need to implement a pre-ordering solution on your store.

Cut-down Shipping Charges

Customers overwhelmingly prefer slower shipping if it is free. It’s a great time to cut off the shipping charges as this will motivate your customer to make purchase at least to some level. 

Keep the marketing & promotions up

Since the lockdown has started, the social media activity worldwide has grew up to 50X. So, as all of them are glued to the screens, it’s a great time to market & promote your online store. Get up and start establishing your online presence in front of your target customer base.

Turn your store mobile-friendly

Remember all those times when you avoided taking big steps to customize your website because things were all caught up? Due to on-going sales, you never had the time to implement new strategies. Well now is the time to do it!

Give your customers an incredible mobile app experience by seamlessly converting your store into a Native Mobile Application.

Bonus Point: Since, as a merchant, you have some time in your hand, work on your store’s look & feel. Change the theme, font, color of your store to match your aesthetics. It is also a great time to work upon the SEO & content factors. Preparing your store for the future like you always wanted to!

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