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eCommerce Development Services @ Interactive Design

The Process

eCommerce development is a complex process. We assess your business needs, short and long-term objectives as well as the available technological solutions, and, based on these, we produce a high quality specification and implementation plan that is the indispensable basic requirement for a successful project.

As part of this specification, we also prepare the wireframe plans of your future ecommerce store. Then, based on the final wireframe plans, we make the mobile-friendly design, which always follows the most recent trends, but fully fits the image of the enterprise. Then, the actual process of site building begins. As a part of this, the graphic designs of your ecommerce store are transformed into templates that will eventually be integrated in the ecommerce platform we have pre-selected based on your needs.

Quality Assurance

After any change made by the developers or the integration of any new function, the customer (front-end) interface and the critical business functionalities are checked by automated testing. As well as the automated tests, a manual testing team will of course also check the operation of functions, because the use of automated tests is not always appropriate and/or cost-effective.
There is a reason why we specialize in the Magento and Woocommerce platforms. We think they are the most appropriate ecommerce platforms out there and coupled with our own developments, we can comply with your requirements to the full.
You get a well-designed, increasingly profitable sales platform that works without a hitch.

E-Commerce Platforms Used World-Wide

Market Share

Not all e-commerce platforms are created equal. Each has its own set of features, its strength and weaknesses. We assess your need and requirements and pick the one that will work best for you.

eCommerce Development Services @ Interactive Design
eCommerce Development Services @ Interactive Design

A Team To Count On

Consulting Services

Don’t risk it when it comes to selecting the right tools and processes to operate your business.
Once the project has been delivered, our team will help you run your ecommerce store in a way that not only fits your business needs, but also provides the best results.
We handle personnel training and give you valuabe and up-to-date info on how to handle all aspects of ecommerce. We help you follow best business practices and monitor your progress closely in order to update our suggestions if needed.
In short, you will never be alone. Our team will always be an email away from jumping in to help!

Features You Can't Miss

Best Features for your E-Commerce website

We regularly handle complex projects for merchants of all shapes and sizes and we have what it takes implement technical solutions for your B2B or B2C business.

B2B Features

Selling mostly to business clients? Here are some great features both you and your customers will love!

B2C Features

Make the shopping experience even better for you and the customers and turn one-time shippers to loyal customers!

We Solve Real Problems

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Custom Web Apps Services @ Interactive Design

Custom Web Applications

Using the latest technologies and best practices we create any application that your business needs.

Management Services @ Interactive Design

Management Services

When your project is done, we don’t disappear. From occasional assistance to 24/7 support, we got you covered.

Web Hosting Services @ Interactive Design

Enterprise-Grade Hosting

We make sure that your app has all the resources it needs and is always available using Dedicated Servers or VPS.

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eCommerce Development Services @ Interactive Design

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