What About After Checkout?

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In the race of chasing new customers, you might lose the existing ones if not playing it smart!

So, if you are investing more of your time & effort enticing fresh customers, chances are you are dropping your revenue. As the studies show:

“The average revenue earned by the online stores from repeat purchases is somewhat around 43%.”

Simultaneously, putting another one: “50% increase in customer retention can lead to 25-95% profit increase.”

Let’s look into some modifications that you can do to your after checkout strategies and keep your customers coming back!

We’ll take it from the thank you page

Customizing Thank You Page

This is the page the customers will land on just after the checkout process.

Have a look:

Checkout-Thank you page

The page is how it suppose to be; a thank you note with the order confirmation. Nothing is wrong with it. But, it is too subtle with almost zero encouragement for your customers to go ahead to your store again.

Customers will not find any CTA that will tell them what to do next!

Here are a few modifications that can be done:

Customize the Thank-you Note

You can make it more personalized or you can also drop in a discount code that can be used in the next purchase.
Example: “Thank you for shopping with Demo Store. Here is a 10% discount code for your next purchase.”

Add CTAs to the Thank-you Page

By inserting valid html, scripts, liquid objects, and more to your store’s thank you page you can add sections.

Things like adding related products, share on social media icons, adding video, etc. are great CTAs. There are a lot of things that you can do. Check out the Shopify Manual to see what’s possible.

Checkout page
Related Product widget added on the Thank you page

Customizing Order Confirmation Template

The average open rate for an order confirmation email can be as high as 70%–90%, depending on the industry according to recent studies.

This gives you an opportunity to get your customers back to your store.

The order confirmation email should include the basic & helful information like when they can expect to receive the order, shipping address, and where they can contact you in case of query.


Here are the things you can add to the order confirmation email:

  • Add related products: Suggest your customers the items that go with the product they already bought. This is kind of an upselling technique that usually works out.
  • Discounts & free shipping: Drop discount codes or free shipping offers in the order confirmation email that they can use in the next purchase.
  • Referrals: Ask them to refer the purchased products to friends & family to receive discounts both for them & the referred member.

Customizing Shipping Confirmation Template

When I see an email with a subject containing words like ‘Your Order has been Shipped’, I get excited like an eight-year-old kid!


Here are the things you can add to the shipping confirmation email:

  • Product suggestions related to the item bought.
  • Clear order tracking instructions & link.
  • Discounts, offers & referrals.

Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

A 2016 survey from Dotcom Distribution found 40% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging.

Your packages are the touchpoints with your customers.

Needless to say, the vital role of product packaging is protecting the product during the shipment process. But, nowadays, the store owners pay a bit more attention to their product packaging and why not?

The order unboxing can help create a memorable experience for your customers if done right. Thus, making your customers a bit more attracted to your services. Moreover, this could also help you with word-of-mouth marketing!

Things you can do to enhance the order packaging:

  • Pack your product in a customized box rather than the boring brown cardboard one.
  • Fill the vacant space inside the box using fillers like crinkle paper. They add a beautiful touch to the packing.
  • Add business cards, personalized note or brand stickers inside the box. They will help you with brand promotion as well.
  • You can also include the sample of upcoming or newly added items into the box. This is beneficial for merchants dealing with beauty & health-related products.

Image Source: inke. (They create custom packaging)

Follow them up!

Don’t drop the ball when you have dropped the package to their doorsteps. The task is not yet done.

Following up with your customers helps you get connected with them even after the business is done. It gives you the opportunity to encourage them to buy again.

Acknowledge the customers after a few days of the order delivery. Ask them to review the product they bought. You can also ask them to post a picture of the product on social media sites to get a repost!

Moreover, sending discount codes, referral links & free shipping codes can help you get the attention back. Let them know about the upcoming sale & new arrivals to keep the connection going on.

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